Famous Lookalikes

Does Stephen Colbert Look Like Gustav Mahler?

An uncanny face off between the fake news anchor and the 19th-century composer.

America, today marks an important milestone in history. It’s Stephen Colbert’s 50th birthday! With his boyish good looks, the host of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, reminded us of someone else with boyish good looks. . .19th-century Austrian composer Gustav Mahler.

Besides their uncanny resemblance, both men come from large families. Mahler was one of fourteen children and Colbert is the youngest of eleven. They also share an interest in deep thoughts: Mahler studied philosophy at Vienna University and Colbert considered majoring in the subject in college. Thankfully Colbert opted to major in theater, which has come in handy with all his “truthiness” on The Colbert Report.

“My time will come,” said Mahler about his music career. And so goes for Colbert who’ll soon be taking over Dave Letterman’s place as the king of late night.