Celebrity Reading Series: Lea Michele Keeps Laughter a Top Priority

Lea Michele, ‘Glee’ actress and author of ‘Brunette Ambition,’ gave us the scoop on who her favorite authors of all time are! Check out her picks!

Hunger Games (By Suzanne Collins): “Katniss Everdeen is one of my most favorite fictional heroines. I love her strength. HG is such an exciting book with such beautiful detail and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time!”

Chelsea Handler: My Horizontal Life (By  Chelsea Handler): “This book made me laugh the whole time. Chelsea is so funny and smart. Read this book in 24 hours I loved it so much!”

Just Kids (By Patti Smith): “Such a beautiful book. Made me laugh and cry. Love this story of love and everlasting friendship.”

Girl With the Pearl Earring (By Tracy Chevalier): “One of my all-time favorites. Tracy Chevalier’s writing is so haunting and beautiful.”

Bossypants (By Tina Fey): “I loved Tina Fey before, but this book only made me love her more. Her short stories are funny and heartwarming.”