Happy Birthday, Lady Gaga! A Look at Her Eye-Popping Style Evolution (PHOTOS)

As Lady Gaga celebrates her 31st birthday, we look back at her daring fashion choices over the years.

There hasn’t been a pop star more entertaining in her personal style than Lady Gaga. Although she’s offered us some toned-down, sleek sophisticated looks these last few years, Gaga has proven that when it comes to fashion, she’s pretty much up for anything — from wearing her iconic raw meat dress (which landed on exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) to becoming a dude for a night (remember her fictional character Jo Calderone at the 2011 VMAs?).

So without further ado, here are some of our top picks that exemplify Gaga’s fantastical style evolution — from cool weird to whoa, really weird to trés chic weird

Out-Her Space

Lady Gaga makes our head spin and our eyes go blind with this holographic, sparkly outer space number at the 52nd Grammy Awards.

Meat and Greet

Talk about feeling like a piece of meat! Gaga doesn’t mind showing off some flesh while accepting her astronaut man for Video of the Year.

Lady Alien

Perhaps inspired by her bizarre 2011 Grammy entrance, in which she “hatched” out of an alien-like egg pod, Gaga goes on a flesh-colored latex bender along with some Star Trek-like mutant accessories . . . on her face. 

Where the Claritin Be At?

Achoo! We hope Gaga isn’t allergic to pollen, although judging from the expression she’s giving in this photo, she may be. Thankfully, the Philip Treacy fashion event she was attending in 2012 was indoors. The bees would’ve had a heyday on this headdress. 

The Square Nun

While performing at the 2013 MTV Music Awards, Gaga showed off her holier-than-thou attire with this nun frock… we hope her white drapes didn’t make the then-newly anointed Pope Francis jealous.

A Checkered Entrance 

Sporting metallic braids, sparkled gems on her face and a monochrome checkered catsuit with black heels, Lady Gaga turned heads at the Louvre in Paris, France. In 2014 she visited the world-famous museum to view a portrait of herself by artist Bob Wilson.

Cookie Monster, Are You in There?

There’s something so trés chic about this vibrant blue fur coat, although Sesame Street may demand Gaga return Cookie Monster back to his normal form. This sophisticated broad-shouldered look also begs the question: How did Gaga manage to walk through a door?