Pope Francis: Youth Not Wasted on the Young

Pope Francis celebrates his 77th birthday today. See what he looked like in his promising youth.

George Bernard Shaw once said that “Youth is wasted on the young.” But if you’re a Pope Francis fan and you’re looking at his youthful pic (above) for the first time, perhaps this assertion may not hold water—holy or the regular kind.

Just recently designated as TIME magazine’s Person of the Year, the Argentine Jesuit pontiff, who celebrates his 77th birthday today, has made huge waves in the short nine months he’s held office. By speaking plainly on hot button religious issues like homosexuality (he says spirituality trumps sexual orientation), chugging around town in his own car, paying for his hotel bills, embracing the sick and disabled, and reaching out to Muslims—he’s injected a burst of inspiration and modernity into what many consider the archaic ways of the Catholic church. (And speaking of modern, you may recall that this pope not only started his own Twitter account, but he also took a Papal selfie just recently.)

For some youth who are all about selfies, this moment deserves an “Amen.”