Remembering Michael Jackson in Factoids & Gifs

In honor of the fifth anniversary of the King of Pop’s death, we explore the people, music, awards, fashion, and curious lifestyle that made him an unforgettable artist.

Michael Jackson stole the world’s heart by his voice and undeniable talent. On the fifth anniversary of his death, we’re taking a look at his life and legacy, starting with where it all began − growing up in one of the music world’s most legendary families. Take a look at MJ’s spot on the Jackson family tree. . .

As the father of three, Michael found the love he always searched for as a child. (Although Michael’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe is the mother of Michael Jr. and Paris, the mother of Prince has never been confirmed.)

From his musical roots, MJ built a record-breaking solo career. Here are some of the milestones he hit along the way to becoming the King of Pop.

Michael joined the ranks of musical royalty when he was nicknamed the King of Pop. Here are some of his fellow “kings” and “queens” who have reigned supreme in their music genre. Can you recall their legendary titles?

MJ’s glove, dance moves and voice were all signature features of his pop persona, as well as his famous face that morphed through a series of transformations over the years.

MJ saw himself as Peter Pan, the boy who never wanted to grow up. As his fame grew, he found himself drawn more and more to fantasy and decided to create an oasis to feel safe and happy. The Neverland estate was beyond a dream world. The gates of the Neverland Ranch cost $50K per gate. And the estate reached close to 2,700 acres, which included an amusement park, a zoo, two railroads, 150 employees, and a menagerie of exotic family pets.