Salvador Dalí: Hairy Assignation

This January 23rd marks 25 years since Salvador Dalí’s death. See his artistry—and the art of his mustache at play.

Despite this week marking 25 years since Salvador Dalí‘s death, the world-famous painter has become immortalized not only for his array of surrealist and classical paintings and late-career multimedia experimentations but also for his prickly animated mustache.

Thanks to his follicularly flamboyant fête—he’s gelled it up and down, twisted it, poked dollar bills and flowers through it—we’re able to perceive him as an artist of drama and eccentricity with an exquisite sense of humor, no doubt.

Here’s Dalí in 1951, mustache uplifted, posing with one of his paintings, “The Madonna of Port Lligat.”