So Long, Jay Leno: ‘The Tonight Show’ Enters a New Era

Jay Leno says goodbye after 22 years as host of ‘The Tonight Show.’ See a photo of him from his first show!

With his final episode airing this week on February 6th, Jay Leno says his final (and this time, we mean final) goodbye to The Tonight Show after 22 glorious years…sans the Conan O’Brien hiccup in 2010.

Not only is the almost-septuagenarian Leno handing off the torch to his 39-year-old successor Jimmy Fallon, but Tonight will also be entering a new geographical era: After more than 40 years, the historic show will close the doors to its Burbank studios and head out to New York City.

As a salute to Leno and all of the giggles and crack-ups he’s brought to our late nights, we found this photo of him hosting his very first Tonight Show in 1992.