Stella McCartney – Family Wings

When Stella McCartney was born, her dad had just become ‘Paul McCartney and Wings’ (but not those of a Beatle). As the distinguished fashion designer turns 42 this week, she and her famous father are enjoying the same level of fame.

When Stella McCartney was born, her famous dad had just become ‘Paul McCartney and Wings’ (but not those of a Beatle). While Wings may not have seen the same success of her father’s former band, Stella was still the daughter of one the most famous musicians in the world. And as she celebrates her 42nd birthday this week on September 13th, both she and her father are still enjoying that level of fame.

It may have been mere moments after Stella McCartney was born before she was already traveling around the world with her siblings and musical parents Paul and Linda McCartney, who had just formed Wings the year Stella was born. But despite the families hectic tour schedule, recordings and promotions, Stella managed to experience a very happy childhood and a close relationship with her family. After Wings disbanded, the McCartney’s lived on an organic farm in Sussex, leading a much quieter life. But it was one that allowed them all to focus on each other and the myriad of farm animals they raised on the property. “I was brought up to understand that we are all here on planet Earth together,” Stella is quoted as saying.

Stella has moved on to becoming a world class fashion designer and an outspoken animal rights activist. She married British publisher Alasdhair Willis in 2003 and the couple have four children together. And the best part? Everyone seems perfectly happy.