Steve Jobs Unveils the First-Generation iPhone 10 Years Ago

On January 9, 2007, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduces the world to the revolutionary first-generation iPhone.

Steve Jobs Photo

Apple CEO Steve Jobs holds up the new iPhone that was introduced at Macworld on January 9, 2007 in San Francisco, California. (Photo: David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

“Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone.” With those eight words, on January 9, 2007, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the world to the now ubiquitous iPhone for the first time during his keynote address at the Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco. That June, in what would become a ritual for faithful Apple fans, thousands would wait in long queues in the days leading up to its public release.

Among its many breakthrough features, the widescreen iPhone, one of Jobs’ great visions, combined mobile phone function with the music app technology of the iPod, included a 2-megapixel camera and internet access. It also featured a slick scrollable touchscreen, immediately making the tactile number key buttons of cellphones seem outdated. 

Since its first release a decade ago, the iPhone has gone on to be the smartphone leader with millions buzzing in the pockets of people around the world. Watch a video about Job’s vision for his Apple revolution.