Stevie Nicks Reveals Her Heart of 24 Karat Gold (PHOTOS)

The 70s music legend glitters this month with the debut of her new album, a Fleetwood Mac reunion tour, and a nostalgic photo exhibition.

With her asphalt voice, aching lyricism, and bewitching charisma that proves both ancient and timeless, Stevie Nicks is one of the most definitive muses of the 1970s rock n’ roll era.  

Joining Fleetwood Mac with her then star-crossed lover Lindsey Buckingham in 1975, she would find herself falling into a dizzying kaleidoscope of affairs, drugs, and booze that would inspire her most memorable musical achievements, as well as her personal unravelling. 

Now at 66, Nicks returns with a trifecta of nostalgia in the form of sound and picture. Not only has she reunited with Fleetwood Mac this year for a 33-city stadium tour, but this week she also released her eighth solo studio album, 24 Karat Gold: Songs From the Vault, a collection of newly revised demos that she recorded mostly between the years of 1969-1987.

In conjunction with the 24 Karat Gold album release, the Morrison Hotel Gallery in New York City is hosting a photo exhibition that intimately reveals the ethereal bohemian musician as photographer.

“When I started looking back at these songs I wrote years ago to select what I would record for my new album,” Nicks says, “I began to look at all the Polaroids I had taken during that time. For every love affair I had, there are pictures.” 

She adds: “I picked up the shots I took each night from the floor and I’d put them in a shoebox and move on to the next city. They were smushed together but that kept them in really good shape. They stayed pretty well preserved. I always hoped that there would be some kind of an outlet for them.”

And now there is. 



Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold Photo

[24 Karat Gold]. “I don’t think there’s any comparison between digital and Polaroids. There’s just something about Polaroids and the film that felt so special.” (Photo: Stevie Nicks/Morrison Hotel Gallery)

Stevie Nicks Dealer Photo

[The Dealer]. “I had a long cord that plugged into the Polaroid, and I put it on a tripod. I would sit with the button in my hand…I usually had to take about 12 shots until I got it just right. Lots of times I’d run out of film and I would send people out to buy me film in the middle of the night.” (Photo: Stevie Nicks/Morrison Hotel Gallery)

Stevie Nicks Key Photo

[Key]. “Stevie Nicks offers a deeply intimate and revealing side to herself in this exhibition. Her choice of set and color combined with a fascinating creative imagination documents a very special time in the history of music.” – Peter Blachley, Morrison Hotel Gallery co-owner and founder (Photo: Stevie Nicks/Morrison Hotel Gallery)

Stevie Nicks Trouble Photo

[Trouble]. “These beautiful photographs – totally honest and authentic exquisitely capture the artist during her ascendancy to the top of the rock and roll world. ” – Peter Blachley, Morrison Hotel Gallery co-owner and founder (Photo: Stevie Nicks/Morrison Hotel Gallery)

For more information on Stevie Nicks’s photo exhibition, visit the Morrison Hotel Gallery site.