Tweet Beat: Kristen Bell Talks Wombats, Pickles & Parenthood

Tomorrow Kristen Bell of ‘Veronica Mars’ and ‘Frozen’ fame turns 34! To celebrate, we’d thought we’d revisit some of her best tweets. Get ready for her funny and endearing messages!

Former teen TV detective Kristen Bell first developed a following with the beloved series Veronica Mars. Fans loved the show so much they even helped fund the 2013 feature film. That same year, Kristen won over another generation as the voice of Anna in the Disney animated smash Frozen. (Maybe don’t ask her if she wants to build a snowman, though. . .)

Both Kristen and her husband, actor Dax Shepard, are popular celebrities on Twitter. (The couple that tweets together, stays together?) They are also proud parents to daughter Lincoln and are expecting their second child. 

On Twitter since 2009, Kristen has shared her love of animals, food and family with her more than 1.3 million followers over the years.  Let’s check out some of her humorous and offbeat tweets!


#1 Kristen believes in the 5-second rule.

#2 According to Kristen, salty plus fried equals irresistible.


#3 Kristen follows the seasons, not fashion.


#4 Kristen finds 3D movies painful. 

#5 Just like us, Kristen falls victim to the search engine sinkhole.


#6 Kristen likes cheesy slang, but we love her anyway.


#7 Kristen may be short, but she is fierce.